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John Butman, Idea Platforms, Inc.


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Idea Platforms, Inc.
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386 Fore Street Suite 303A Portland ME 04101
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John Butman
978 505 7109
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  • Biography and Memoir
  • Business and Personal Finance
  • Contemporary Affairs
  • Nonfiction
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Idea Platforms, Inc. collaborates with individuals and organizations to develop non-fiction, idea-driven content, create the best expressions for it, and help establish a platform to take it public.

We work with clients who have an idea, an accumulation of material, and a goal that typically involves creating some kind of cultural change -- within their organization, community, or the society as a whole. Our primary expression is the book, because it remains the most powerful, effective, and accepted form for delivering a big and different idea. We are known for a serious, yet popular style, animated by human narratives and characterized by a light touch.

The book, however, cannot stand alone. The content needs a platform of expressions and activities -- including other forms of writing, speaking and events, emblems, practices, objects, and community-building -- to bring it alive.
We work closely and collaboratively with our clients and also afford them access to our network of partners -- including literary agents, publishers, social media and public relations experts, designers, and video creators -- around the world.      

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