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ROBIE was founded in the spring of 2012 by Robie Rogge, who had spent 42 years developing product for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. When she started in 1970, the Met was making about 2 million dollars. At its height, it went to over 80 million. During her long career there, Robie had the opportunity to generate an unusually broad range of original products. One of the first "book-pluses" FUN WITH HIEROGLYPHS, has over one million copies in print. The "Color Magic Series," consisting of watches, clocks, books, stationery, and pens, has generated over 7 million dollars.

ROBIE puts her vast knowledge and experience to use by creating new products, by refreshing old ones, and by extending successful properties. Clients so far include the Museum of Modern Art, PotterStyle, The Fashion Institute of Technology and Chronicle Books.      

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