Hollan Publishing Inc.

Hollan Publishing Inc.

Hollan Publishing Inc.

100 Cummings Center, Suite 123A, Beverly, MA 01915

Holly Schmidt, Principal

tel: 617.852.6348

holly@hollanpub.com | www.hollanpub.com

member since: 2014

Hollan has a unique business model that we call “conceptual agenting,” a mash-up of a literary agency and a traditional book packager. We develop all of our book ideas in-house, then find talented, promotable authors to apply their vision and expertise to the concepts.

If you’re a publisher, you work with us the same way you would any literary agent. If you’re a prospective author, it’s a bit different. We don’t represent outside ideas, but we work to develop careers for our authors. In fact, some of our authors are on their third and fourth books with us.

We do books across a wide range of categories, from humor to health to cookbooks. We sell books to both major trade houses and smaller indie publishers, and even provide the photography for many of our books. Since we choose to focus on ideas we are confident will sell, we have a 90 percent success rate. Our authors include many high-profile experts, as well as substantial online properties like BuzzFeed, xoJane, and Cracked.com.

We also package original concepts for select publishers on a joint-venture basis. We focus this part of our business on popular culture trends, and our recent hits include the Loom Magic! series, with more than two million copies sold, the New York Times best-selling Hacks for Minecrafters series, with more than a million copies sold, and Winter Morgan’s series of middle-grade novels for Minecrafters, with more than a million copies sold.