Indelible Editions

62 Summit Street, Ground Floor Brooklyn, NY 11231

Dinah Dunn, Principal

tel: 917.414.7449 |

member since: 2020

Established in 2019, Indelible Editions produces compelling, illustrated nonfiction for children and adults, including ancillary such as calendars, journals, and planners.

selected titles:

Mental Floss’s Amazing Facts Calendar (Andrews McMeel, 2020); Midlife, No Crisis (Indelible Editions, 2021); The Curious Kid’s Guide to the Awesome 50 States (Shelter Harbor Press, 2021); The Curious Reader: A Literary Miscellany of Novels and Novelists (Weldon Owen International, 2021); CheeseSexDeath presents The Cheese Bible: Scriptures for Blessing Your Body with Cheesus (Abrams Books, 2021)