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Jan Hartman Books is an independent book editor and packager, creating original and branded content with authors, organizations, and publishers. Offering comprehensive editorial, illustration, and project management services, Jan has over 30 years’ experience in book publishing across more than 200 titles. She is known in the industry for recognizing trends and publishing creative and vibrant books of unsurpassed beauty and design. Jan’s mission is founded in making books of merit, value, and distinction.

If you are an author, Jan works with you to develop your ideas, create a distinctive package, and conceive works that tell compelling stories. If you are a publisher, she works with you the same way you do an independent editor, literary agent, or packager. If you are a company or institution, Jan develops a strategic publishing plan that advances your distinct story and accomplish your goals.

As Princeton Architectural Press’ program director of the acclaimed Campus Guide series of North America’s leading colleges, universities, and academies, Jan partnered with schools from Yale and Princeton to Amherst and Williams, UVA, Penn, MIT, Stanford, and others. She established publishing partnerships such non-profits as the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, Beatrix Farrand Society, and The Historic New Orleans Collection.

selected titles:

Revolutionizing Organic Farming in the 21st Century (Downeast Books and MOFGA, 2021); The Groundbreakers: Women Who Changed Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press, 2021); The Official Guide to the Houses of Downton Abbey (Princeton Architectural Press, 2022); The Conservatory: Gardens Under Glass (Princeton Architectural Press, 2020); Visualizing Nature: Essays on Truth, Beauty and Life (Princeton Architectural Press, 2021).