Kelly Design NYC is a boutique graphic design studio in the West Village of NYC, where award-winning design is created for trade book publishing. With a specialization in type-driven design for visually oriented illustrated book interiors and covers, I focus primarily on non-fiction: gift books, cookbooks, intriguing collectibles, picture books and health for both adult and tween markets.

I can handle a book beginning with just the manuscript and visually develop the content, arranging the visual hierarchy to work with the text. Or I can edit existing art to best convey the essential communication.

I’ve created books for a number of the big five publishing houses as well as small book publishers. I moved onto books after a career in editorial design and art direction at major publications in NY (Mademoiselle, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Spin and Newsweek—among others).

I’m open to opportunities for projects with smart, fun, collaborative clients.