Oomf, Inc.

420 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011

Mark Shulman, Director

tel: 212.807.1385

Mark@Oomf.com | www.Oomf.com

member since: 2002

Oomf, Inc. is the author, designer, and packager of many original children’s books. We create quality nonfiction, picture books, preschool, educational, novelty, activity, merchandise, and licensed titles for a whole lot of leading publishers. We produce adult humor, trivia, and gift titles as well.

There is no single look or style at Oomf, Inc. Generally our books come from original concepts and inspirations, though we also enjoy developing or co-developing a publishers new book ideas. We can also quickly provide concepts and text which publishers develop in-house. (Our background in advertising and publishing helps us pursue concepts that sell.)

Oomf, Inc. titles are known for their original themes, superior art, quality writing and design, intelligence and/or humor, and a few unique twists. There is almost always an educational element, and it is almost always hidden away where our readers won’t realize. Please inquire about our many unpublished concepts. We prefer they be published.

Our Skills & Services:

  • We provide original, complete books in any genre
  • We create original books for any existing series
  • We develop any publisher’s new concepts
  • We work with publishers to create new concepts
  • We deliver finished manuscripts
  • We rewrite or re-work works in progress—text, art, concept—or ghostwrite whole books
  • We work closely with literacy specialists for just-right content at any reading level
  • We provide creative direction and editorial services
  • We help promote, market, and otherwise add value after the book is complete

. . . which is why we have so many satisfied publishing partners.