Shoreline Publishing Group

Shoreline Publishing Group

Shoreline Publishing Group

125 Santa Rosa Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Jim Buckley, President/Editorial Director

tel: 805.564.1004 |

member since: 2001

So here’s the thing.

You’re looking for a book producer (okay . . . “packager”) who can deliver your product on time and on budget, and can do so with style, verve, and good humor.

You’re looking for a company that can handle just about any size project (and probably has . . . we’ve made more than 500 books and we’ve been doing this for almost 20 years).

You’re looking to work with people who understand every part of the process, from soup to nuts and everything in between. (We write, we edit, we design, we do photo research, we print: It’s like a menu, just pick what you need.)

You’re looking, to be perfectly frank, for us. (And make sure to read to the end to find our special ABPA Directory offer!)

Shoreline Publishing Group has worked with dozens of major national publishers to create everything from board books to reader series, from sticker books to coffee table books. We’ve worked with Scholastic, DK, Reader’s Digest, Penguin, Time Inc., National Geographic Kids, and many more publishers.

Sports is certainly our specialty. We’ve worked with publishers to create dozens of books with Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and Major League Soccer, along with many non-licensed sports titles.

We’re not all about sports, though. As a nonfiction illustrated children’s book packager, we have produced books on history, science, geography, animals, robots, and something called The World’s Biggest Everything, which really covered it all.

We love to talk about new projects (special ABPA Directory offer: Free Brainstorming!!) Drop us a line. We’d love to meet you.