Stoney End LLC

6103 Stoney Hill Road New Hope, PA

Christopher Navratil

tel: 415.378.3548

member since: 2019

Publishing consultant and book producer, focusing primarily on illustrated gift, lifestyle, pop culture, and children’s activity—books, guided journals, book-plus kits.

selected titles:

Secrets of Modern Calligraphy (Bluestreak Books, 2018); A Little Taste of Cape Cod: Recipes for Classic Dishes (Bluestreak Books, 2017); Foraged Art (Bluestreak Books, 2018); Career Dreams: An Essential Workbook for Finding Your Passion and Purpose (Bluestreak Books, 2018); Ru Paul's Drag Race Paper Doll Book (Bluestreak Books, 2017); The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl (Bluestreak Books, 2017)