Terri Wright Design

120 West Los Olivos Street Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Terri Wright, Designer/Producer/Consultant

tel: 805-729-3549

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member since: 2020

Terri Wright is a book designer and content producer with over 30 years of experience and hundreds of titles to her credit. From children’s books, coffee table books, fine special and limited editions, to complex educational textbooks, manuals, directories, and catalogs, Terri Wright Design brings concepts to life, and delivers outstandingly beautiful, award-winning products.

In today’s world of changing technology, Terri Wright Design collaborates extensively with experts in media, sound, musical composition, songwriting, and animation. Utilizing collaboration and innovation, this design model adds dimension beyond the printed page, resulting in quality ebooks, audiobooks, and interactive 21st century models.

Managing projects from concept to completion, Terri Wright Design creates cutting edge visual experiences where words, photographs, illustrations, and media, whether printed on paper or viewed on a device, allow publishers, independent authors, artists, institutions, museums, and other organizations the freedom to create integral emotional and timeless works in any medium.

select titles:

Eagle vs Bear: Adventures of a Child Cub (EvB Media); The Wild Herd: A Vanishing American Treasure (Val de Grace Books); Medical Animation & Illustration Sourcebook 32, (Serbin Creative for Assoc. of Medical Illustratiors); Directory of Illustration 36 (Serbin Creative); Walter S. White: Inventions in Mid-Century Architecture (Art, Design & Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara); Orchid Stories: Stories of Hope and Love Inspired by Orchids (Bella by Rolinda Ltd.)