Weller Smith Design, LLC

Weller Smith Design, LLC

Weller Smith Design, LLC

59 Molyneaux Road Valley Stream, NY 11580

LeAnna Weller Smith, Principal

tel: 646.594.5742

leanna@wellersmithdesign.com | www.wellersmithdesign.com

member since: 2020

Weller Smith Design is a multidisciplinary Design Studio that works with individuals, as well as publishers to design, produce and publish beautiful, high-quality books. We specialize in cookbooks, coffee table books, and personal development style books, but also have a wide range of styles that can work with most publishing projects. We can also help define an author's niche, brand, or platform, and can help them to launch with a website, marketing materials, and more. We welcome partner opportunities as well.

Selected Titles:

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook (Self Published by Tessa Arias, 2020); Beautiful Booze (The Countryman Press, 2020); The Little Book of Support for New Moms (The Countryman Press, 2020); Cooking with Miss Quad (The Countryman Press, 2019); Asian Paleo (The Countryman Press, 2019); Clean Cocktails (The Countryman Press, 2017)